Cuckoo CH10 Pressure Multi Rice Cooker
Cuckoo CH10 Pressure Multi Rice Cooker


Cuckoo CH10 Pressure Multi Rice Cooker

RM 2,700.00

High Pressure Point for Cooking ( 1.9Bar Pressure level)
22 safety feature
IN & OUT Fully Stainless Steel Inner Pot
Auto Steam Sterilisation
Multilingual Voice Navigation
Energy Eye Sensor Function
Safety Lock
Detachable Cover
Night Voice Volume Reduction

Product Description

+ Red Ginseng
+ Ferment Bread
+ GABA Rice
+ Slow Cook
+ Brown Fry
+ Multi-cook
+ Steam
+ Oven
+ Porridge
+ Sushi Rice
+ Brown Rice
+ Mixed Rice
+ Rice
+ High Heat Rice
+ Turbo Rice
+ High Heat Brown Rice
+ High Heat Mixed Rice
+ Turbo Mixed Rice

Colour Silver
Cooking Capacity RiceHigh Heat Rice (2~10 cups)
Mixed RiceHigh Heat Mixed RiceSushi Rice (2~8 cups)
Turbo RiceTurbo Mixed RiceGABA RiceBrown RiceHigh Heat Brown Rice (2~6 cups)
Porridge (Thick)Porridge (Thin) (1~2 cups)(0.5 ~1.5cups)
Power Supply 220V / 50Hz
Power Consumption 1455W
Heating Method Induction Heating
Weight 8.2kg
Power Cord Length 1.2m
Pressure 2 Bar
Dimension (W)419mm X (D)303mm X (H)290mm


CUCKOO CH10 IH Pressure Multi-cooker Features Video

CUCKOO Multi-Cooker - CH10

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